Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


In these terms, the following terms have the meanings given to them:

  1. eTixShop: trade name of the private limited company responsibility.
  2. Ticket: entry ticket to the event. 
  3. Buyer: the person who concludes the delivery contract with eTixShop tickets (admission tickets) for matches, concerts and other offered on the platform event.
  4. Ordering process: electronic booking confirmation made by buyer, delivered by eTixShop, sent by eTixShop to the address email provided by the buyer or issued to that buyer. 


  1. These conditions apply to all offers and confirmations reservations and contracts where eTixShop acts as a ticket seller. Supplements or exceptions to these conditions apply only when explicitly accepted by eTixShop. No rights may not result from promises made by any employee eTixShop, unless explicitly confirmed by email or chat. 


  1. The buyer places the order if: (a) the said buyer has specified in eTixShop booking procedure which ticket (tickets) said the buyer wants 
    receive, (b) said that the buyer has completed other required information, and (c) the reservation was received by eTixShop after it was sent (d)
    if said buyer has provided all required information for via email to eTixShop or, if possible, added required information for your account. 
  2. The order is final when eTixShop confirms receipt orders by sending order / reservation confirmation, and eTixShop receives payment from the buyer. Conditions are accepted when the order is final. 


  1. Resale concerns the sale of tickets through eTixShop. Ticket Service prices in eTixShop they will differ from prices that can be determined on the same tickets and the buyer cannot derive any rights from these prices. All the costs are included in the prices of the ticket services offered by eTixShop, from except for the service fee, payment costs and any costs shipping and rain insurance. 
  2. Prices are expressed in euros (euros), unless otherwise specified. The price is unique for each order. Price may vary with
    every order. 
  3. Ticket prices are subject to fluctuations related to demand and availability tickets. The buyer may not derive any rights from increases or reductions prices after placing the order. Price confirmed to the buyer at the time placing the order will therefore remain the price at which the ticket was purchased. 


  1. Payment must be made using one of the methods set out at TixShop website or, by way of derogation, using a method, hich will be further specified by eTixShop. 
  2. After making the payment in eTixShop, the payment is verified by an external licensed payment provider. All data is transmitted via secure servers and never we acquire, store or process any data card holders. 
  3. All payments will be charged in euros.


  1. The eTixShop service aims to provide buyers with tickets for at least one to seven (1-7) days before the event ordered by the buyer. IN depending on whether the tickets to the events on offer are tickets 
    paper or electronic, tickets will be delivered to your address home, hotel or email address via electronic tickets. 
  2. Shipping and delivery is at the buyer’s expense. Shipping costs apply also delivery to the hotel. 
  3. Tickets will be sent via courier or similar service courier to addresses around the world.
  4. Tickets will be delivered by courier to the address provided by the buyer, unless nobody can pick them up. ETixShop Ticket Service no shall be liable in the event of failure to deliver tickets from reason for the buyer giving an incorrect address. The buyer is responsible for informing eTixShop of any change of address delivery. 
  5. If the buyer does not accept, do not collect or do not receive the ticket sent o this buyer and the ticket will be returned to the eTixShop ticket service by courier or any local courier, said buyer is obliged to compensate for the eTixShop’s ticket service costs incurred in relation to the return shipment. At the buyer’s request and after prior payment of the associated eTixShop shipping costs will send tickets to said buyer. 
  6. Unlike the delivery regulations, the eTixShop Ticket Service
    may choose a different delivery method than the one above, for example by delivering tickets to the hotel reception indicated by the buyer. The buyer is responsible for notifying the user of the address delivery indicated by this buyer about the delivery of tickets. if notyou received tickets 48 hours before the event, write us an e-mail ortelephone during working hours ..
  7. eTixShop has the right to change the delivery method to pickup at the pickup point, in place and time to be determined later when the market value of the tickets exceed 1000 EUR. 


  1. In some cases, the Name and may be displayed on the tickets A name that does not match the personal details of the ticket buyer.
  2. The buyer of the ticket provided by eTixShop must behave as a good and orderly guest of events and must follow instructions given by the event organizer.
  3. Please note that for sporting events must be followed dressing rules. For matches in some cases it should be adress according to the sector’s purpose (guests / hosts).
  4. The quality categories defined by eTixShop for tickets do not harmonize with any categories used by the event organizer for which it was issued tickets. The buyer may not derive any rights from the category class and / or ranking. The eTixShop ticket service reserves the right to update tickets without any additional costs or obligations on its part.
  5. The buyer of the ticket provided by eTixShop must obtain information regarding instructions issued by or on behalf of the event organizer or authorities. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inform him of the correct one dates and times of the events, as well as changes related to event such as start times, dates and the like. Ticket service eTixShop cannot affect this. The eTixShop Ticket Service will not be available obliged to further inform the buyer of the ticket.
  6. eTixShop is not responsible for any errors made by the buyer or third parties such as double bookings through organization. In this case, the eTixShop Ticket Service is not committed to solving the problem or giving the buyer any compensation. However, even in these cases it is recommended to contact eTixShop ticket service to help buyer find solution.
  7. Lost, stolen or damaged tickets cannot be duplicated.
  8. It is the ticket owner’s responsibility to bring an identity card to in case of necessity to show an identity card at a party. Service eTixShop tickets are not responsible if the ticket holder receives refusal to enter the stadium because he did not bring his document identity


eTixShop is not responsible for any defects in ticket printing. The electronic ticket must be printed vertically (vertically) on new, white A4 paper (front and back), without changing the print size, using inkjet or laser printer. No other format (electronic, screen computer screen, cell phone screen, etc.) is not correct. Partly printed, contaminated, damaged or illegible electronic ticket no can be considered valid.


If eTixShop fails to deliver the full amount of tickets contracted in accordance with these terms, eTixShop will refund the full amount orders together with shipping costs, provided that the buyer contacts the eTixShop within five (5) days after ticket delivery, but at least 24 hours before the event.


  1. Weaknesses in the performance of the contract cannot be attributed to the party, if not this is due to the negligence of this party or by virtue of law, contract or contract overwhelming opinion at his expense.
  2. eTixShop is open for use in cases of force majeure as a result war, mobilization, fires, accidents, strikes, occupation, resources government or any weather conditions for the organization to cancel or reschedule the match.


  1. Order tickets only if you are sure that you can participate event. Also make sure you order tickets for the correct event because ticket cancellation is difficult and only possible with the following cancellation conditions:

    • Cancellation less than 1 month before the start (first day of the game tournament) events will not be accepted by eTixShop.
    • Orders canceled more than 1 month before the event can be accepted under the following conditions: Cancellation time / Maximum refund (based on the total ticket price)
    • If the order is canceled more than 4 months before the event starts, the customer is entitled to 75% of the total ticket price
    • If the order is canceled 1-4 months before commencement events, the customer is entitled to 65% of the total ticket price. Events from electronic tickets are subject to the same refund policy as described above, unless electronic tickets have already been sent. After sending e-tickets all cancellation and refund rights will be given rejected due to the lack of guarantee that the tickets will still be valid for new ones customers.


Except for deliberate or gross guilt on the part of eTixShop or his management subordinates and except where specified where otherwise in these general conditions, eTixShop is not responsible for any damages suffered by buyers or third parties.


  1. The eTixShop Ticket service is not associated with any official point sales or organizer.
  2. eTixShop is not the organizer of the event, but only sells issued tickets by the organizer. eTixShop is an independent company and therefore it is not associated with the event organizer. In addition, we would like to point out that in at the time of the initial sale of these tickets, the conditions of sale could be recognized by the organizer of the event on the basis of which the organizer reserves the right to prohibit the resale of tickets. Therefore these tickets may be canceled by the organizer and you may not receive one admission to the event. However, if these tickets are canceled, and in consequently you have been refused admission to the event, you will receive a full refund the amount of the order, including shipping costs, as defined in art. 8 of these conditions. A precondition for this rule is contacting eTixShop when you have been refused acceptance by telephone and were unable to solve the problem.


This contract is subject to Swiss law. To the extent permitted there is a derogation from the statutory rules of jurisdiction, the competent Swiss court hears all disputes that may arise between eTixShop and the buyer.

Last updated: September 6, 2018